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Using OnBase to Improve Our Internal Processes

Aug 16, 2016 1:26:15 PM / by

Recently, the Phillips Office Solutions ECM and Service teams collaborated to improve and streamline the process related to returning MFP warranty parts to our manufacturing partners. Through teamwork and planning, we were able to utilize our OnBase enterprise content management software to create and implement a unique, custom solution for our business.

Service Department

Manufacturer Parts Warranty

process-improvement.jpgAt the beginning of 2016, our Service Department identified challenges associated with returning warranty parts to our various manufacturing partners. Prior to this time, the methods used to submit, track and review the status of part returns was acceptable, but ultimately, we were not achieving our full revenue potential and the process was suffering from a lack of efficiency. Some of the challenges included:

  • Service technicians did not have a standard process for submitting parts returns
  • Submissions were hardcopy / paper based
  • Neither service technicians nor management had a simple method to monitor the status of submitted returns
  • Although information could be cobbled together, we did not have an efficient reporting process
  • The process was inefficient and required manual data entry, labor hours and consistent follow up
  • Paperwork was not completed consistently and comprehensively
  • In some instances, supporting documentation was not submitted
  • We did not have full engagement from the service team because the process could be a hassle


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After several meetings and a thorough discovery, our OnBase engineers implemented a solution for the Service department. As of today, the Service department is not only maximizing the revenue from returning warranty parts, we are also saving time and enjoying a streamlined process. Currently, our parts return process is providing Phillips with the following benefits:

  • Service technicians have a standardized process
  • Documents are submitted with a standard electronic form
  • Supporting documentation is being imported to the system via email and associated with a return number
  • Submissions can be monitored and an automated workflow has been established for efficiency
  • Nearly all manual entry has been eliminated and labor hours have been heavily reduced
  • The Service team is now fully engaged in a simplified and streamlined returns process
  • Reporting capabilities have been enhanced for reviews, reports and analysis

Are there areas of your business that could be streamlined or improved for financial benefit?

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Andrew Otterson

Written by Andrew Otterson

Currently an ECM Solutions Architect with Phillips Office Solutions of Middletown, PA. A 10 year veteran of the office equipment and solutions industry with a keen focus for process improvement, analysis and an inclination for the details. A native Pittsburgher, husband, father of two, soccer enthusiast and outdoorsman

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