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What if... Tools for office productivity

Feb 19, 2016 3:33:17 PM / by

ECM-post.jpgAs a leader and decision maker for your organization you run a number of scenarios through your head before you decided on the a solution. These "What if" are a way to sort the positives and negatives from any possible outcome. Your ability to make an informed decision relies on you having the correct information when you need it. The same goes for every other employee in your organization. The faster they have the correct information, the better than can support internal questions and customers.

What if you could provide your organization with ways to immediately access your business information in simple and logical ways? How hard or how much time does it take for your employees to research records to find the information you need. How much time does this task take for customer inquires.

What if you could provide your organization with transparent tools that significantly improve productivity and efficiency on a daily basis, just like email and the internet have done previously? The internet and email have significantly improved productivity on a daily bases. We now have more information at our fingertips and can send/share files from almost anywhere at anytime. The problem with emails is that you have to regroup your thoughts as each time one hits your inbox. Where does this file have to go now? Who has to approve it? You need a tool, that allows your employees to react and respond to their associates, customers and vendors without confusion and with efficiency, clarity, professionalism and minimum stress.

Enterprise Content Management solutions provide your organization the speed and storage you need to access information quickly.

Not every change will make employees look forward to coming to work every day, but making their work day easier will make for more productivity and less stress. In turn, reducing the amount of time spent on tasks, speeds sending information to your staff and customers. All the while, making your organization more profitable and improved customer satisfaction.

Turn your "What if" into "Why not" contact one our ECM experts at Phillips Office Solutions to learn more about the business technology of Enterprise Content Management.

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Chuck Chiara

Written by Chuck Chiara

M.I.T., CDIA+ - Currently Director of ECM Technologies with Phillips Office Solutions. A veteran of over 20 years in the information management and ECM industries with firsthand experience in business analysis, solutions architecture, client engagement and project management. During my career I have managed the conversion of millions of paper documents, and have overseen hundreds of business process improvement projects.

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