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What the educators are saying.

Feb 16, 2018 10:24:00 AM / by

A Case Study for Cutting waste and cost savings when printing (K-12 and Higher Education)

The following case study reinforces what those in the Education field are tasked with regarding the reduction of printing costs and document waste (Print jobs never retrieved at the output device).


Educational Institution’s budgets and resources are already stretched; the topic is a reoccurring theme from all of our discussions with Educators. Many have expressed interest in how PaperCut and similar software applications can save money by implementing print policies that would control student and staff printing jobs by setting up restrictions on page quotas, enforcing mandatory black and white and duplex printing, while also providing security for sensitive printed material.

Along with the obvious advantages of controlling printing, teachers are incredibly interested in Follow-Me Printing (the ability to retrieve print jobs from any enabled device on the network) and Release Station Printing (utilizing badges or numeric codes). Interesting key feedback from many in the Education field indicates the advantages of how they could both drastically reduce paper waste and ensure secure printing (especially when sharing printers with students).

Feedback regarding print policies and the proactive management of printing discovered a surprising realization. Initially the focus for print policies and management was geared to target unauthorized printing by students; however, nearly everyone interviewed stated that the students were not the real problem; it was in actuality the educators themselves who needed more controls on their own printing and copying. It was further determined that many print jobs were being generated from sites that were perhaps not education related (Group on etc.).

Armed with this type of informational feedback many institutions have seen dramatic reductions in printing output, document waste and overall printing costs by implementing a Total Output Strategy which incorporates the utilization of software applications such as PaperCut.

Investing time to research such Document Strategy Solutions could prove to be quite educational.

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Rick Gohn

Written by Rick Gohn

Rick Gohn has 26 years’ experience in the industry serving as Production Print Specialist, Color Graphic Specialist, Major Account Executive and Sales Manager. Serving in the capacity of sales manager at Phillips for 15 years covering Cumberland, Dauphin , Perry counties In PA as well as Frederick and Washington counties in MD. All around good egg.

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