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Where can ECM be used in healthcare?

Apr 17, 2017 2:09:56 PM / by

The goal of every employee in the health care field is to provide the best most efficient healthcare to a patient. This requires both real-time access to historical data and current data on that patient at the time he or she presents for service. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems such as Epic have been deployed in an attempt to achieve this goal.

While EMR systems have allowed those who have deployed them to come close, there is still a component of the medical record which remains outside the EMR. This is where a partnership between the EMR system and an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system such as OnBase becomes so valuable.

OnBase has direct integrations with many EMR systems including Epic and provides the repository which manages documents residing outside of the EMR. OnBase has developed API-level integrations with many of the EMR systems on the market today. These program level integrations between the EMR and OnBase allow the end user to view both clinical data contained within the EMR and OnBase through a single portal.

The end user is now provided real-time access to all clinical data on the patient, allowing them to achieve the ultimate goal of providing the best most efficient care. Access to this date in real time might also be the difference between life and death.

The image below reflects all the areas in which a single deployment of OnBase can help create organizational efficiencies. OnBase can integrate with your current ERP and HR application as well as other systems within the organization.


  • Accounts Payable- Integrate OnBase with your accounting solution to improve information access, automate processes and eliminate compliance risk – all while extending the value of your existing systems.
  • Admitting/Patient Registration- Eliminate paper, filing, copying and storage costs. Securely capture accurate and more complete patient information faster, support compliance and create a better patient registration experience.
  • Auditing- Manage the appeal process for external auditors and denial of claims for audits – Medicaid, Medicare or others – with a full document trail and sophisticated tracking features.
  • Behavioral Health- Eliminate paper, increase collaboration and provide case management for better patient care while expediting reimbursements.
  • Clinical Care- Create a more complete patient record – with clinical images, photos, videos and reports – for an exceptional provider experience and superior patient care.
  • Endoscopy- Clinicians quickly and easily build detailed reports with embedded images imported from any endoscope that may be accessed in context through the EMR and forwarded to referring physicians.
  • Foundation- Streamline and provide a comprehensive view of gift processing. Reduce the time spent managing agreements to speed delivery of funding while lowering the cost per dollar raised.
  • Health Information Management- Allow clinicians and staff access to the content they need from within your EMR to support collaboration, simplify chart completion and minimize manual data entry while helping you meet compliance requirements.
  • Healthcare Payer- Process Medicare enrollments faster and more accurately while maintaining compliance. Track all documentation with up-to-the-minute process insight.
  • Home Health/Hospice- Empower home health and hospice staff to complete documentation and capture associated wound or environmental photos while in the field for better data, increased collaboration and reduced travel time.
  • Human Resources- Decrease the effort and expense of storing and retrieving employee files and increase security and compliance while elevating your service levels.
  • Imaging- View DICOM and non-DICOM content securely stored in the OnBase VNA in context with other available patient information through the OnBase Medical Imaging Viewer.
  • Legal- Automate rules-based approval, routing and escalation tasks to quickly create and securely manage contracts, accelerating reviews and approvals and supporting vendor relationships.
  • OB/GYN- Capture images and biometry from any ultrasound machine, storing it (along with patient information) in a HIPAA-compliant data repository to create complete, consistent reports and streamline daily workflow.
  • Patient Accounting- Increase productivity and accountability by centralizing payment posting tasks across multiple billing systems. Automate routing and denials management with drill-down data analytics, scorecards, pivot charts and executive dashboards for increased visibility.
  • Physician Offices- With improved information access and process automation, OnBase streamlines referrals and improves collaboration for a better provider experience.
  • Quality Management- Strengthen quality programs with tighter controls over policy and procedure updates, review and acknowledgement. Monitoring tools help you meet quality control objectives and ensure that processes are completed consistently and on time.
  • Facilities Management- From scan-store-access to full lifecycle management use a single platform to measure and manage your facilities business processes.

By presenting information within your organization’s existing IT solutions – like your EMR, ERP, coding or billing software – OnBase healthcare solutions drive improvements in patient care and service.

A true enterprise solution, OnBase reduces operational costs while supporting better outcomes from the ER to HR. To learn more about how we can help get a solution for custom for you, contact one of our solutions experts.

Access documents, files and information across systems.

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Written by Tom Warren

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Access documents, files and information across systems.
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