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“Where Do I Go?” The Sign That You’ve Missed Something.

Dec 3, 2015 12:56:59 PM / by

Your new space is almost complete. For months you have been coordinating with dealers, designers, contractors, and installers about how to layout and outfit your workplace. You’ve taken the time to align electrical with workstations, you’ve made sure that each conference room, desk and quiet area has its own trash receptacle, and you’ve even added some fun upholstery colors to help brighten the space. Everything is on track until you get the question, “Um…where do I go?”

Shoot! Here it is…the sign you’ve missed something. The ironic part is, you forgot about SIGNAGE! Not only are people missing name tags; rooms aren’t labeled, restrooms are ambiguous, and to top it off, the company name is missing from the lobby. Deep breath – this is a commonly overlooked detail that can easily be amended. Here is a quick list of areas and applications you can refer to in order to start a conversation with your Workplace Interiors expert:
  • Lobby & Reception: Display your logo on doors, reception stations or entry ways. Make sure your guests get a good first impression of your workplace.
  • Navigation: Is your facility easy to get lost in? Perhaps you have a school, hospital or large campus. Add directories, directional signs, and room numbers to help visitors and employees navigate the space.
  • Regulatory & Safety: ADA mandates certain signs for your space like exits, staircases, etc. For safety, install photo luminescent exit signs for dark times. Warning signs like “authorized personnel only” keep guests from wandering where they shouldn’t be.
  • Accents & Recognition: A wall can be a great place to talk about your company culture, recognize your leaders, or display accomplishments. Consider photo displays, wall decals and freestanding elements to dress up your space.
  • Monitors & Digital Boards: Control what is displayed on your walls in real time with digital signs. This can be great for waiting rooms, HR announcements, and reception areas.
  • Outdoor: Just like the number on your residence, your facility needs a sign outside to help visitors find your space.

For more information about signage, contact your local Workplace Interiors expert today!



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Summer Walter

Written by Summer Walter

Summer Walter is a Marketing Coordinator at Phillips Office Solutions. Her topics of interest include: workplace interior trends and products, event planning, and PR. She also enjoys sharing interesting ideas, tips, and studies about workpalce solutions.

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