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Why Employees Choose to Stay at Phillips

Jul 8, 2015 4:41:55 PM / by


There are not many companies that can say, they have several workers that have worked at the same place for over 30 years. These employees were here at Phillips when they sold typewriter parts! Bill Appleman, who is a manager in the Document Management division, has been here for 42 years! In fact, this past year we celebrated some big anniversaries; we had two employees that have been here 15 years, four employees for 25 years, and lastly two employees for 35 years.

All of the employees at Phillips Office Solutions know why they love their job, and why they decide to stay as long as they do; but everyone else may not know the reasons for this. I am intern working for Phillips this summer, and one characteristic about this working environment that has stood out to me the most, is the fact that these employees do not leave. There must be a reason for this, right? Is it their boss? Is it their treatment? Is it their work hours? Is it their vacation time? Is it their pay? I am beginning to receive answers to these questions through meeting with different employees. I believe the main reason is that they love who they work for, not just the CEO’s of the company, but also their managers. Several employees mentioned that they enjoy working for a family owned business. Peter and David have created an extremely friendly, but also hard working environment.

I have been told by many employees that everyone here is treated equally; even if someone might be their manager, there is not an inferior stigma. In one meeting I had with Mark Haffly, he said “if someone asked me to go sweep the floor, I would, because everyone is equal here, and if someone needs help in this office I wouldn’t think twice, because no one is better than the other here. We all have a role.” This form of respect for each other is extremely rare, and I believe this also plays a huge role in why people choose to stay. After I graduate, I hope I am lucky enough to work in an atmosphere that is similar to the one here at Phillips!

By: Brittney Rineer

About Brittney: This summer I am interning with Phillips in the Marketing Department with Summer and Michael. I am a student at Penn State University, and this coming semester I will be a junior. I am majoring in Public Relations/Advertising.

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