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Why purchase an All-In-One device?

Jan 25, 2018 8:23:18 AM / by


All in one copier, printer, scanner

If you are in the market for new office equipment, hopefully, you're considering an MFP. Multifunction Copiers (also known as Multifunction Systems, Multifunctional Printers, All-In-One Printers, MFP’s, and MFD’s) create a practical bridge between the paper and digital worlds. Printing functionality converts digital information to paper format while document scanning gets your paper documents digitized and onto the network.

The MFP faxes, scans, copies, and prints, and it has the ability to become the hub for workflows, digitization, embedded Apps and more. Users appreciate the ability to get everything done with a single All-In-One device. Printing over the network is easy and gives users the same features you expect from a copier like sorting, stapling, hole-punch and booklet making that are some of the features. High-speed scanning allows documents to be sent to network folders or email addresses. When you need to fax, documents can be sent over traditional phone lines or through centralized fax servers. Properly configured, these devices can create major productivity enhancements. From a financial perspective, consolidating laser printers, copiers, and fax machines into one device frees up valuable desk or office space while reducing the need for multiple maintenance agreements and supplies and reduces cost.

Creating amazing color documents is both easy and cost-effective with today’s color multifunction devices. Kyocera’s color MFP’s today offer three tier color billing that allows companies to financially save on their color printing expenses. Instead of having a separate device for black & white and color, today’s MFP’s can handle both types of output in one device. Ask yourself why would you have two separate devices?

However, there are numerous makes and models out there, and it can be a bit overwhelming to start your search. There are a few key things you can decide upon based on your specific needs. Some of these considerations might be knowing the level of security and the types of options you need (like card readers) can narrow down your list considerably. Also, if you have specific security concerns (regulatory compliance or audit trails), the right MFP will address those for you. How many users will be on the device and the number of documents that will go through the MFP each day is another sure way to eliminate some models. Be sure that the MFP you select fits your network requirements. Checking with your IT staff before purchasing is the best way to ensure you don't get something that is more trouble than it's worth.

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Dale Heilman

Written by Dale Heilman

Dale Heilman is a Major Account Manager with Phillips Office Solutions who works with new and current organizations to help them streamline the process of managing their documents and data in the most efficient manner. Dale has 35 years of technical experience and also has his CDIA Certification. Dale has helped many organizations eliminate redundant documents and processes to reduce their expenses and improve efficiencies.

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