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Managed Print Services

Take control of your internal printing costs from automatically collecting meters to accurately monitor print volumes.


Perform an objective analysis

Our process starts with a facility overview and walkthrough. We review the basic document flow that occurs in your office.

In this step, we identify your current printing, supply and service costs. Within this, step we can formulate a print output strategy that eliminates costly or inefficient areas.

Within this step, we can formulate a print program and consult with you on future recommendations for optimization


Create an implementation plan.

The second step is to create a standardized ordering process for toner and service. With Phillips, orders can be placed online and users can be set up with various roles and approvals.

The next part of this step is to remove or replace inefficient devices and label all printers for service and supply requests.



Ongoing service and management.

The final step in our process is to ensure your strategy is working for you. Our service technicians will maintain top image quality through preventative maintenance. Ongoing reviews with your specialist will assess printer fleet performance and optimize the fleet as your office evolves.

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