Healthcare Environments

Phillips Office Solutions believes that a properly designed healthcare environment can encourage the healing process. Office furniture has come a long way in adapting to the way in which patients, families, and medical professionals interact within healthcare settings. Safety, comfort, cleanliness, healing, waiting, and transitions are a few of the applications our experts are ready to address in your facility. With great space comes a great ability to care.



Education Spaces

Phillips Office Solutions is dedicated to creating spaces in which students and educators have the tools and resources they needed to succeed. Learning environments should allow everyone the ability to work, collaborate, inspire, learn, and develop. With great spaces come great minds. Let the experts make the most of your space.


Phillips Office Solutions understands that government furnishing decisions are dependent on supporting contracts. Today, shrinking footprints and optimizing space is necessary for all government institutions. We can offer solutions that not only achieve these goals but also aid in more efficient and productive working environments. With great spaces come great results. We hold contracts in the Commonwealth of PA with:

Corporate Spaces

Phillips Office Solutions understands that productivity is directly correlated to the space in which you work. To make your business efficient, your employees need the tools and furniture applications to meet, collaborate, focus, communicate, and live.