If you need to archive old documents or scan new documents, Phillips will convert your hardcopy files to electronic formats.

Our Team

Our fully-staffed Document Services team is ready with 8 on-site scanners ready to handle the largest scanning demands. Phillips can deliver electronic documents in both black & white and color!

Benefits of Digital Documents

  • Fast, easy retrieval from any networked device (computer, tablet, phone)
  • Fewer lost/misfiled documents
  • Reduced storage costs & more space in your office
  • Accessible for work at a home office or during travel
  • Reduced liability on lost documents
  • Improved disaster recovery & secure back-up solution

Do you need a bulk conversion of your existing paper records to electronic documents? Find out more about our Backfile Conversion services.

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Backfile Conversion Services

Produce professional looking documents with greater efficiency. A winning formula for boosting productivity and profit.

As a part of the total Content Management solution, Backfile Conversion allows your business to work faster and more efficiently without the hassle of shuffling papers. Once all records are converted into a digital format, your staff will be able to find information more quickly and deliver it to customers or other employees in a timely manner.Precision Stacking Alignment



Most Popular File Formats
  • PDF
  • Encrypted PDF
  • JPG
  • TIFF
  • Others upon request
Fastest Delivery Options
  • Email
  • Password Protected FTP site
  • Disc
  • Uploaded directly into OnBase
  • Others upon request