Securely store your files with Phillips and access the documents as you need them.

What do you need
to store?

  • Student Records
  • Legal Documents
  • Human Resource Records
  • Engineering Blueprints
  • Medical Records
  • Financial Records
  • Accounting Documents
  • Film or Discs
  • Tax Records
  • X-rays

Convience and Safety:

Storage areas are under 24/7 surveillance, with 8 security cameras in any given area.

Access to the Document Storage facility is restricted to authorized personnel by a key card swipe system.

Our storage areas are climate-regulated for temperature, humidity and air flow to ensure the preservation of your documents.

We use a dry-extinguishing system in case of an emergency for additional protection.



We house a secure area to handle all of your document storage needs.

Our file retrieval services includes:

  • Same or next day retrieval and courier service.
  • Scan to email retrieval service.
  • Re-boxing.
  • File destruction per instructions or purge on demand.